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Everyone loves a helmet with cat ears -

Everyone loves a helmet with cat ears –

Among the fee cosmetic characteristics The halo is infinite There’s someone crazy in the community, it seems: that’s it Cat style customization Appropriately named the “Meowlnir Helmet” for the Spartan armor, it has also become a trend on Twitter.

The helmet is located inside Bundle cat loversFor 10 euros, a helmet with cat ears allows you to customize your Spartan armor with a variety of elements, including glamor, armor color and many other features.

With all the features packed, the mighty UNSC fighter turns out to be a bit ridiculous, but it seems to have attracted a good portion of the community. Many people are commenting on how popular this helmet is now among gamers and are more likely to face this in online competitions recently.

Although 343 industries in Halo Infinite have decided to maintain a certain behavior, this is not the first time we have seen some customizations on Hollow, which is also a testament to the decision to remove balloons as an unpredictable emotion. . However, this did not stop the arrival of the Meowlnir helmet, which quickly climbed into the priority rankings.

However, the success of the package in question may push 343 industries to increase this approach to selling content for personalization, targeting more expensive packages than single components, and this may cause some historical concern.

However, judging by the results, the interest in cat ear helmets seems to go beyond these fears. Meanwhile, the Winter Coincidence event has started on Halo Infinite with free rewards for everyone.

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