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"Events have shaken our party": Mask affair - CDU general secretary fears image damage from politics

“Events have shaken our party”: Mask affair – CDU general secretary fears image damage from politics

CDU general secretary Paul Simiak sees the mask issue as a major blow to his party’s image. “Events have shaken our party, our members Armin Laschet and I are angry,” D டுsseldorf told the “Rhinech Post” gym. “This is the misconduct of individuals.” “To take so many determined and honest people as relatives” he refuses.

Jimiak stressed that hundreds of thousands of people volunteer at CDU and that there are thousands of elected officials. “These personal cases affect all of us and cause us anger and embarrassment.” The CDU politician did not want to be compared to the party donation affair: “The party donation affair in the 1990s was a completely different matter, it was not about personal cases at the time. However, the damage to the film was huge for days.”

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Carsten Linman, vice-chairman of the Union Parliamentary Committee on the Mask Corruption, called on lawmakers to reform the law. “You should be excluded from receiving money for actions that need to be taken with a parliamentary mandate,” Linman of “Built” said. These include lobby fees, but also fees for speeches and newspaper articles. “Taxpayers are paying for politics, no one else, otherwise you will be biased. Violations must be clearly allowed in law,” Linman demanded.

Union members are expected to present themselves Friday evening

According to a survey conducted by opinion poll firm CVE on behalf of the “Oxburger Alzheimer’s” (Thursday edition), 92 percent of those questioned said that union politicians involved in the mask issue should pay back the commissions they received. Only five per cent of those questioned refused and four per cent were undecided. Union and FDP

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Members of the Bundestag George Nell (CSU) and Nicholas Loebel (CDU) are said to have received six commissions each for brokerage activities in the security mask business. After that you left the union section. These incidents caused outrage across the country. On Wednesday, the chair of the CDU / CSU Parliamentary Committee briefed all union members on the potential financial benefits of the transaction related to the infection until Friday evening. (AFP)