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Eufloria HD was released today on the Nintendo Switch eShop

Eufloria HD was released today on the Nintendo Switch eShop

Explore the beautifully perceived universe, with unique and expressive style.

The game will be available during the day for € 9.99 on the Hybrid Console’s online store, but will sell for € 5.99 (-40%) until January 30.

Engage in space exploration, success, plant growth and biomechanical evolution. Defeat asteroids in deep space and use their resources to grow and feed the semi-organic plants and organisms you need. Plan your strategy against AI opponents, they all compete for the same resources and offer strong resistance.

Eufloria is easy to learn and satisfying to master. This is a game for everyone. Try it now!


– “Story mode” with 25 levels with several hours of play.

– “Relaxed Mode”, for a gen experience that everyone can enjoy.

– Repeatable “fight levels”.

– Sleek and more inspiring way to play “Dark Matter Mode”.

– Ambient sound recording of “Milieu”.

– Many practically created levels that are different every time!

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