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Epic Games Store: Find a game to download for free this week

Epic Games Store: Find a game to download for free this week

Our opinion

Only one title this week, but players should not be disappointed. Five years earlier, Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap, a remake of the 1989 title on the Master System, was a great adventure and a great remake. Visually, the title is successful, and allows you to instantly switch to 8-bit mode, perfect for nostalgia. At times the game can be found a bit difficult, but Wonder Boy is still worth the detour.

The game will be available from July 14th at 5pm to July 21st. That means there are still a few days left to collect the games that were released last week, namely:

Ancient enemy

Ancient Enemy is an RPG card game set in a world on the brink of chaos where the forces of evil are already at their peak. Use multiple spells and abilities to pulverize twisted enemies. Travel through the desolate wilderness and defeat your fearsome enemy.

(Available on PC)

Killing Floor 2

In Killing Floor 2, players find continental Europe ravaged by an unstoppable infestation of monstrous and deadly clones called Zeds, created as a result of failed experiments by rebels at the Horsyne Corporation. Play 6-player and 12-player co-op as humans and sets. Let the carnage begin.

(Available on PC)

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