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Epic Game Store: This week the Lions song is free, a big mystery game made fun of its sequel

Epic Game Store Rumor: The sign of the big free game of the day has been leaked, heavy in sight

Everyone remembers the salvo of the great games presentedEpic Sports Shop Last year, with such titles GTA V, Civilization VI, Borderlands: Beautiful collection Or Arc: Survival evolved. The stage brought out its safe and its countdown Advertising VisitThis Thursday, May 20, 2021 at 5:00 p.m..

Further His identity may have been leaked ahead of time, For a change. Hypex, Used Leaks Surely Fortnight So who knows well behind the scenes and codesEpic game, Says he found some interesting texts on the publisher’s servers. They refer directly NBA 2K21 offer, The last installment of the unacceptable series of basketball games until May 27th.

I have to admit that this choice will not be surprising, however Play-offs Get started this weekEpic Collaborated with National Basketball Association To Content Fortnight. We know that nowEpic a The habit of signing compiled contracts For its offerings. Hypex “Mega” ensures the opening of security with the start of spring sales.

The veil will be lifted in a few hours in this story, but only if you want to play it NBA 2K21, Console version available At 40.93

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