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Epic Game Store: Free Games Revealed - Play NBA 2K21 for Free for a Week

Epic Game Store: Free Games Revealed – Play NBA 2K21 for Free for a Week

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Epic Game Store now has a free game that you can play for free for a week. This is NBA 2K21.

Update from 05/21/2021: The wait is over and the new free title has been unveiled at the Epic Game Store. After making a big secret about the game this week, Epic Games announced the NBA 2K21 basketball game. Players can download the title at 5pm until May 27, 2021 and then play it whenever they want.

Name des Studios Epic game
Establishment 1991 at Bodomack, Maryland
Seat Gary, North Carolina, USA
Management Tim Sweeney
Staff: Inside 1000+
Sale 3 Mr. US Dollar (2018)

Sports Game NBA 2K21 was released only in September last year, making it a new title. It costs 60 euros to sell, so this is a real hit in the epic game store as a free game. Basketball fans get their money’s worth here and have the opportunity to test their skills in a variety of game modes. Next week, Epic Games announces another mysterious game that could once again mark a new game or special title.

Epic Game Shop: Mysterious free game turns 60 euro win.

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May 14, 2021 First Report: Gary of the United StatesEpic game Surprises them Social again and again. With Weekly free games The company feeds Microsoft Windows PC and MacOS Epic Sports Shop And it brings a lot of joy to the players. While the upcoming games are usually announced with the expiration of the last title, Epic leaves something new with the fans Twitter-Post Rope in the dark. The Rumor mill Running hot.

Epic Sports Shop: What could be behind the mysterious announcement of the epic?

A mysterious game. With this verse and a CountdownWho 20. May a 17 hours When finished, the company raises them The interest of the fans On the website Epic Sports Stores. That too, as well as one Threatening notice Ann Twitter, Helps fans guess. The US-based company releases new games every week Free download Free, but The secret Next week’s game puzzles for everyone. Fans agree that there is only one person behind this Awesome title Can hide.

The current game in the epic game store, where players can download for free, is the story adventure Lions song of My Earth Game. It expires next Thursday and needs to be replaced by an upcoming title. However, epic games make up one of these The big secret. Fans are guessing it Fireworks Expect all kinds of feedback under the Twitter post.

After Epic got GTA 5 free last year, they expect a bigger title. Is part of the speculation Harrison Zero Dawn And Watch Dogs: Brigade. Until then, it remains to be seen if next week’s free game will be one of these games.

Epic Sports Shop: With big losses on the way to the goal

For fans Weekly free games To provide, Mega sales There are a lot of things to the epic, to attract more interested other parties to the store Losses Accepted. Epic Games Store has one thing for the company to assert itself against rival Steam Project Bring. For the past two years, Epic has been coming through this project Hundreds of millions of dollars Lost – have been invested with others Exclusive title To shop.

Epic Game Store: Free Game Fuel Speculation – Fans opt for GDA capability.

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The funds invested are the last in the environment Case with Apple Made public. According to these records, the company is actually said to have spent more than $ 1 billion in 2019 on exclusive titles for the Epic Sports Store. The However, the trend is increasing, Which pays only for 2019 and the following periods More funding Should have flown.

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