Every week Epic Games delights us with at least one new free game in the Epic Game Store. You can download the games for free for a week and keep them permanently in your game library even after the promotion is over. Most recently Dungeons & Dragons had a fantastic title of Idle Champions of the Forgotten areas in the universe. From today, May 6, until 5pm, the free game will change, and you will receive: Pine.


Pine is an open world action adventure that humans have never been at the top of the food chain. When looking for a new home for your tribe, you will encounter a variety of creatures – some of which are quiet and good to use against others.

If you feel like playing, you can go here Download Pine

Pine is available for free at the Epic Sports Store from May 6 to May 13. Then the free game switches. The complete list of all previous free games from Epic can be found here: Epic Games Free Game Collection