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Enjoy series and movies offline

Enjoy series and movies offline

Anyone with content Amazon If you want to watch Prime video, you do not need to stream it. Series and movies can be downloaded so you can watch them even when the internet connection is lame.

Like many competitors including Netflix, Apple TV + and Disney +, offers Amazon Ability to download Prime video series and images. This can be useful, for example, when you are doing a job Passengers Does not want to reduce his data size or struggles again and again with internet issues at home and proves that continuous streaming is problematic. Here users can find out how easy it is for both Skills And on tablet and computer.

Movies and series Skills And download the tablet

To use the functionality on the move, users need a Fire Tablet Amazon Or Prime Video app for iOS respectively Android devices. In the app, consumers can first search for their favorite movie or series. Then tap the relevant content and the overview page will open.

The “Download” function can be found under the “Play” button for images. In the case of the series, users can download the entire season directly here. If you only want to download individual episodes, you can scroll down. Next to each chapter is another download button. Under the “Downloads” item, users can view the content as it is downloaded.

Save the content to the computer

This feature is also available for PC users. Users can download the Prime Video app for Windows 10 from Microsoft. Once logged in, the whole thing will work in a similar way to a mobile device. If a series or image is found, you can download the related content from the overview page. In the case of the series, the choice between the entire season or individual episodes is re-offered. Users can watch videos under “Downloads” on the left.

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