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"Eni, in Rome they unload the barrel. The ministry keeps its promises" - Chronicle

“Eni, in Rome they unload the barrel. The ministry keeps its promises” – Chronicle

Eni refinery in Stockholm

“It may have been a Christmas mood, but the Ministry of Economic Development must have been interested in the downloadable game. The lack of any initiative on the part of the Eni plant could not be explained otherwise. Almost three months have passed. The party’s Livorno deputy, Andrea Romano, wrote on her Facebook page: “From October 6 to today, December 20, 75 days have passed. In fact, several days have passed since Gilberto Picchetto Fratt became deputy minister. The government’s intention to formalize the plant’s to share the future strategy ‘of economic development was officially reported to the Chamber of Deputies’ Manufacturing Operations Commission as it did not fall within its powers. An unarmed response is that the ministry, led by Giancarlo Giorgietti, seems to have condemned the plant, which is managed by a public company, which expresses a sense of abandonment. It is a comparison of the promises made before Parliament and the addition of them. “

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