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Electronic Arts Introduces Knockout City Open Beta

Electronic Arts Introduces Knockout City Open Beta

Consoles and PC players, including the Epic Games Store, can test their skills on April 2-4, pre-downloaded

March 31, 2021 – Today, Electronic Arts and Whelan Studios announced the beta release of the upcoming team-based multiplayer action game inspired by Prison Ball this weekend, Knockout City, It includes PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Origin via PC, Steam and Epic Games Store, as well as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | Available worldwide to play via backward compatibility on S. The beta, which runs from April 2-4, will run cross-play and cross-progress simultaneously on all nine platforms, allowing friends to play together and get active before the game starts on May 21st. Knockout City They offer players intense battles as they master the arts of throwing, catching, passing and dodging in a particular competitive experience, with fun surprises waiting for them everywhere.

In the open cross-drama beta, players can access everything they want from the first beta – places like the moon, cage and balloon bombs, concussion site, roof crawl and KO roundabout and Team KO playlist – in addition to new content. This weekend we will show you the sniper balloon, street prowl map, head-to-head towel and diamond race playlists and new styling possibilities. With a total of four maps, five balloons to play with, three playlists and customization options, this second beta will impress fighters all weekend. Private games are also available to organize customized games against friends or enemies.

Next weekend’s playlist program is here:

  • KO by team

  • face to face

  • Diamond race

Fans can now pre-download the cross-play beta on their favorite platform and start the game on Friday, April 2 at 3pm (French time), while the servers are online until Sunday, April 4 at 3am (French time). In addition, to participate in this cross-drama beta, players will be able to fly the Blue Boosters Beta Gliders in style when they return to the start of the game on May 21st, as well as receive the Proval Specialist Player Icon. As a special thank you, players who participated in the February beta on the system or previously registered for the cross-drama beta on the site Starting this weekend, you will have the opportunity to try out this exclusive equipment in advance!

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When Knockout City Launches on May 21, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Origin via PC, Steam and Epic Games Store, as well as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | Players can access a limited time free trial via S. Backwards compatibility, a test that can be played throughout the game. Any improvement in the game during the free trial will be retained by anyone who decides to purchase the entire game, and players who decide to make that purchase during the free trial period will receive additional makeup rewards. Knockout City.