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Electronic Arts and Codemasters Announce F1 2021 - News

Electronic Arts and Codemasters Announce F1 2021 – News

“Breaking Point” (Story Mode) in this 2021 edition (Definition point), In which you must first learn in Formula 2 before trying your luck on Formula 1. Familiar to F1 2019 players, rival Devon Butler will return to this script mode.

Another great announcement, the ability to play career mode with a friend for a co-op or match. Each player will have the freedom to implement the AIDS they want, which will allow pilots of different levels to line up. F1 2021 also introduces a “Real Season Start” feature, which allows you to go into the season and participate in the rest of the races while respecting the actual race.

When it debuts on the PS5 and Xbox series, the game benefits from visual upgrades and faster load times. Those who buy their version on PS4 and Xbox One are entitled to a free upgrade to join the new generation.

For the rest, you can see all the features already found in the previous version, namely My Stable Mode, split, compressed seasons, accessible options and a two-part screen sharing in Formula 2. Not forgetting the growing AIDS multiplayer methods, the new characteristic of “concentration” was updated just like the statistics of eligible pilots. You can update your glorious moments (automatically on the system only) by automatically saving highlights and full restarts.

Pre-orders for this 2021 edition Now openNot to mention the packaging of the “Breaking Point” mode, the collection of exclusive items inspired by the fantasy stars of the aforementioned Story mode, and the inevitable bundle of virtual currency 5,000 bitcoins. I also have a digital deluxe version that includes seven classic F1 drivers that have not yet been revealed in my standard mode, as well as initial access to three days of play, additional customization content, 18,000 bitcoins and a pack of content breakpoint. Three new rounds, Portimo, Imola and Jetta, will be available as free content to all players after the game starts.

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