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Electro Ride: Neon Racing has the release date of the Nintendo Switch

Ultimate Games S.A. Has announced that Electro Ride: Neon Racing, A neon arcade racer with retro-futuristic vibes, launches on November 27 on the Nintendo SwitchTh This year. Players can expect dynamic driving model, vehicles and race tracks, many game modes and original synthwave soundtrack inspired by Eastern Black countries.

In July of this year Electro Ride: Neon Racing Introduced on the computer and well received by players. The racing game developed by Sylvester Osik currently has a 100% positive rating on Steam. Ultimate Games S.A. Responsible for changing and releasing the game on the Nintendo Switch.

Electro Ride is a neon racer with clear colors, high speed and color sensitivity nitro lines. Of course, although this is a very arcade game, physics also plays an important role. Each car has a slightly different feel, sometimes requiring the brakes to be hit. The game is set in an alternative world, which combines the gray reality of the 20sTh Century Middle Eastern European countries with retro-futuristic neon crazy.

The game was created by Sylvester Osik

These cars are based on vehicles built in the 20th century in the Eastern Black countries, including the People’s Republic of Poland, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria and the Soviet Union. The creator of the game insists that motor fans should have no problem recognizing the inspirations behind the neon speed monsters. These tracks are also based on cities in the communist sphere of influence during the years 1945-1989 (including Warsaw, East Berlin, Prague, Sofia and Moscow).

Electro Ride: Neon Racing Offers many different game modes for players. Important is the comprehensive story mode, which takes about 4 hours to complete the easy difficulty setup. In this mode, players compete in different types of races, from time to time they have to face an employer. Additional modes are also available, including time attack, last man standing, and ghost race. Electro Ride: Neon Racing It also has split-screen multiplayer.

The game will appeal to fans of racing in the style of Horizon Chase Turbo, Outdrive or Neon Drive. Electro Ride: However, neon racing is a completely unique proposition with an unprecedented retro-futuristic outlook. In addition to Razor’s style and feel, he composed the music for the original Sindhwave soundtrack, Mess.

– Sylvester Osic added

Electro Ride: Neon Racing – Key Features:

  • A neon-filled racing madness;
  • An alternative, retro-futuristic reality;
  • 21 different cars;
  • Different game modes (including story, time attack and last man standing);
  • 20 race tracks located in the Eastern Block countries;
  • Split-screen multiplayer;
  • Original synthwave soundtrack.

Digital Release (Nintendo EShop) Electro Ride: Neon Racing Scheduled for November 27thTh 2020.

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