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El Art Director John Sweeney Lacia Naughty Dog E Pasha An Insomnia -

El Art Director John Sweeney Lacia Naughty Dog E Pasha An Insomnia –

During these months of relative silence we see the restoration of the naughty dog. Inside the unmarked studio e Our last 2In fact, many prominent individuals were promoted. But now it is time to say goodbye. John Sweeney, TheArt Director Eight years later, he decided to leave the naughty dog ​​to fill the same role Insomnia game.

This change took place without any particular fuss, and it was discovered by reading its description Twitter. Now, really, Sweeney “Art Director at Insomnia Games. Formerly Art Director of The Lost of S Part II“. She goes through to the comb Center page We found out that he left the studio last November. After eight years and 10 months of decent living.

Now Sweeney will put its talent in the possession of another Sony internal studio, i.e. that Insomnia game Among other things, the latest Marvel Spider-Man: Creator of Miles Morales. Another talented studio is sure to allow Sweeney to show off all of his talents.

Totti showed up when he released what appeared a few months ago The main concept of the new work of the naughty dog ​​is art. We were also able to appreciate the attention paid to the details poured into The Lost of S2 while showing us how to create a masterpiece.

His departure will leave a standard Empty Inside the Naughty Dog, although California is a talented team, it can certainly fill its absence.