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Dictoc has dropped Facebook and become the best app worldwide with downloads

Dictoc has dropped Facebook and become the best app worldwide with downloads

Mobile application analytics firm App Annie has released its annual report on mobile trends for this year. The report for 2020 is very interesting considering how the corona virus infection and its consequent locking has re-established vital mobile applications and services in our lives. In fact, the Corona virus crisis “accelerated our mobile adoption by 2 to 3 years,” according to a report by App Annie.

With that acceleration came new records. Initially, there is a new king in the city when it comes to the best app downloaded worldwide in 2020. When iOS and Android downloads were merged, Dictoc topped the list of most downloaded apps by three places, surpassing Facebook as the most downloaded app in 2020. Not only Facebook, but Dictoc delivered a big blow. As Ann Annie’s report points out, über’s popular app cuts across other apps:

The tidal wave of Dictoc continued throughout 2020 – especially as it rallied to create, socialize, and entertain content-hungry consumers – increasing its cross-application with major video streaming players such as Netflix, which not only blurred the lines between Dictoc. Social and streaming but in the streaming world it is a force to be reckoned with in its own right, and is set to enter the 1 billion monthly active user club by 2021.

This report highlights other significant changes and changes that took place in 2020, in addition to the restoration of the best download chart:

  • Global spending on iOS and Google Play stores rose 25% to $ 112 billion by 2020.
  • Despite the high number of users on Android, Apple’s iOS App Store managed to fetch 65 bucks for every $ 112 billion it spent.
  • That $ 112 billion was the driving force behind the game. Games across iOS and Android took 71 dollars for every $ 112 billion spent.
  • A total of 130 billion apps and games were downloaded by 2020 – a growth of 10% per year.
  • Surprisingly, people’s time spent on apps also grew by 2020, with time spent on business apps 200% YOY, video streaming apps 40%, sports 35%, finance and shopping apps 25%, and social and communication apps 20%.
  • Not to mention that Zoom had a banner year. It rose 219 places to become the fourth most downloaded app in the world by 2020.
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Below you will find the full top 10 charts of App Annie 2020 for downloads, consumer spending and monthly active users worldwide.

Enlarge image Here. [Image: App Annie]