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EFootball: Everything that changes the heir to PES

EFootball: Everything that changes the heir to PES

Pro Evolution Soccer Not anymore. Or at least not by that name. The unavoidable license for football games has long been heavily violated by the 1 category FIFA In recent years, total change has chosen. His latest work titled eFootball 2022, Released in a lighter version this Thursday, testifies to this new direction: name change, economic model and game basics.

A free game once installed

This is probably the disappearance of the summary PES, Known to all fans of all video games, it affects the cleaners the most. But byeFootball PES 2021 To eFootball 2022, Konami wants to destroy the past. Goodbye to the paid model, the latest new game in the 70s, which has made the Japanese publisher lucky in recent years: henceforth, there will be virtual football simulation Free to play, Can be said for free with installation, but there is a possibility to get additional content by paying.

Thus, updates will be provided regularly to add new features to the game. The version, which will be released on September 30, is, therefore, much refined: there are only nine teams (including FC Barcelona, ​​Juventus or Bayern Munich) and six local tournaments or against artificial intelligence. For some rewards, you can also participate in weekly events.

This new game benefits from a graphics update using a new engine under Unreal Engine. In connection with it Sports, Focusing on each other in a match, the ability to better control his punching force and hopping speed. Will his adjustment be enough to close the currently divisive popularity gap? eFootball From FIFA ? Not sure: Friday’s competition EA Sports Simulation, the best – selling cultural benefit in France.