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Edmoto and Google tops list of most downloaded apps during classroom infections

IPL News | New York

The COVID-19 epidemic has caused great sharpness in LMS (Learning Management System) downloads.

A Review of sykes.comCompleted after a survey of 2,500 U.S. adults and an analysis of the most downloaded apps That shows it from January 1st to September 15th Edmoto And Google Classroom Topping the list of monthly percentage growth over the month.

The research firm explains the development of two great applications in this way: Due to its “freemium” pricing, seamless communication and social networking look and feel, Edmoto was an excellent choice for schools looking to switch to online classrooms while flying. The same goes for the Google Classroom, which not only embodied the benefit of brand recognition, but also promoted collaboration between teachers and students. ”

Later, executives highlighted “more tried and true services” such as Blackboard, Brightspace Pulse, Canvas Student, Moodle and School.

SchoolK K-12 Focuses on District Success and Community Collaboration July grew by a staggering 1,168% between July and August and continued its path in September. Other LMS applications also saw the biggest growth in August. Canvas It has grown by 682% since the previous month Google Classroom, Brightspace Pulse, And Blackboard All have seen 200% + growth since July.

The following list shows the top LMS applications in terms of growth percentage:

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