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Edge Aura Bientôt Une Calculatrice, Un Convertisseur Et Bien Plus

Edge will soon have a calculator, converter and more

The new Microsoft Edge is a browser with a variety of features and tools, some of which are more effective than others. In an effort to create a single browser, Microsoft continues to add additional features to the Edge and has no plans to stop upgrading it. According to a new Microsoft 365 roadmap post (via Doctor Windows), the Edge will have three built-in applications: a calculator, a unit converter and a speed test.

New apps coming with Microsoft Edge

Microsoft says August updates for the Edge will be added “Your Favorite Tools” Microsoft Edge sidebar. A way to keep apps nearby without hassle.

If you use Microsoft Edge Canary to test early updates and features before Microsoft releases them to the public, you may already have access to new applications from the sidebar. The Canary 105 edition offers a world clock, calculator, dictionary, translator, unit converter, and Internet speed test. As always, this will be available to some users and then the release will go to others.

It’s easy to see why users are criticizing Microsoft for inflating its edge with features that not everyone needs. Microsoft Edge is full of key capabilities and features that its context menus no longer fit on a screen (Microsoft is working to fix this). However, owning popular tools will prevent users with less technical interest from downloading third-party extensions.

Do you think Microsoft is overloading its new browser or the work is interesting. Do they want to focus on performance instead of adding extra features or just want to add features as long as they are useful? Edge starts well but can be very saturated.

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