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Ecco perché NEO: The world ends with you non si chiama The world ends with you 2

There are differences

Neo: The world ends with you, Coming Nintendo Switch Next July 27 Gives Square-Enix, Then the second title of the series The world ends with you Released many years ago Nintendo DS.

Although this is the second episode and its sequel, the developers have decided not to simply call it that The world ends with you2, But changing the original labeling to improve existing variations compared to the original game.

In fact, according to an interview with the title director Tatsuya Kondo From the portal Destruction, The choice of name will be deliberately different from the choice of adding “second” to the original game title, and will give continuity from that perspective as well.

The reasons may be different, but mainly because the game is significantly different in both story and game elements, which is why you call it The world ends with you2 Would not have done justice to the proposed experience.

Second Tatsuya KondoAlso, the players who played The world ends with you Stepping on shoes Laughing, Anger, e Peck, I.e. new protagonists, will benefit from a completely new experience.

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