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Earth shines less, that's not good news - Aust-France evening edition

Earth shines less, that’s not good news – Aust-France evening edition


U.S. scientists have discovered that the Earth’s reflective power, called albedo, is declining. An event of concern because it has the effect of stressing global warming.

The brightness of the earth is fading! This A study The Big Bear Lake Solar Laboratory specializes in the study of the sun and is located in California, USA, it was exposed, and the journal Science and the future Posted the news on its website. Scientists observed the brightness of the Earth between 1998 and 2017 by observing satellite data and the amount of ground light reflected by the moon.

This study documents the depletion of albedo on our planet. Albedo, simply put, is the power of reflection. The higher the surface the higher the albedo, which reflects sunlight and, therefore, the brighter it is. The higher the albedo of a surface, the lower it will heat up because light “bounces” out of it.

The incidence increased from 2014 to 2017

Twenty years later we know today “Earth’s brightness is reduced by 0.5% or less than half a watt of light per square meter”, Refers to the magazine’s website Science and the future . “It’s a lot”, Scientists say.

Finally, the brightness of the Earth on the Moon remained more or less constant from 1998 to 2014. Instead the event was emphasized from 2014 to 2017. “We were a little hesitant to analyze the data for these three years because they were identical,” he said. Even explained CNN The lead author of the study is Philip Goode, a researcher at the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

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But when scientists looked at the data in detail, they found it “Reflection significantly lower”. Researchers who have been monitoring terrestrial radiation since the mid-1990s initially thought they were wrong. So they repeated the analyzes and calculations several times.

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Global warming … contributes to global warming

What is the reason for this decline in the Earth’s albedo? Low cloud cover for many years, especially in the eastern Pacific Ocean. This phenomenon is the result of a significant increase in surface water temperature in this region.

There is also melting and shrinking sea ice and ice Something to worry about. This has a direct impact on the albedo of our planet because the more reflective the white surface of the ice the more …

Ice melting has a direct impact on our planet’s albedo. (Photo: Natalie Thomas / Reuters)

If the earth loses its brightness, it is directly related to climate change. What’s even worse is that it has the effect of further emphasizing temperature rise and melting of ice. In other words, global warming … contributes to global warming. A “snowball” effect that inspires confidence.

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