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Earth Defense Force: The World Brothers in the video on the Nintendo Switch

Earth Defense Force: The World Brothers in the video on the Nintendo Switch

Earth Defense Force: The latest addition to the Earth Defense Force series is the World Brothers. This is a third person shooter with Vox graphics. Created by Yukin; World Brothers includes numerous characters, weapons and monsters from the previous EDF series, all in a new pixelated format. More than 100 characters from all over the world can join your team. The goal of the World Brotherhood is to form a four-member team to defeat alien invasion and save the human race.

The first game in the series, Monster Attack, was released on the PlayStation 2 in 2003, and the latest release, Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain, was launched on the PlayStation 4 last year. There are now five titles in this series. Main and three descendants. The World Brothers will be the first release on the Nintendo platform. It will be available in Europe at the beginning of 2021 on the Nintendo Escape, but it is already available recently in Japan, and I recommend finding the first videos of the game on this platform.

In a parallel universe, a new battlefield enters the scene for the EDF series. Earth Vauxhall shatters into square pieces, shattering the stillness of its rocks as the alien invaders in the Great Motherland wreaked havoc in their massive attack.
As the world is turned upside down by alien attack from the main enemies of the EDF series, the player must also rise to the occasion of the “Earth Defense Force” and save the planet to reclaim the shattered Vauxhall Earth in one piece.
In this new world of EDF, where everything is in a vocal style, an art form with 3D models built from 3D cubes, players from all over the United States, the United Kingdom, the war, the United States, Japan, Egypt and many more.


  • EDF in the Vox World: Get ready to enter the EDF world with all its new family Vox style style look, while being filled with Aliens and signature EDF invaders. Destroy.
  • Create your own EDF: Each task is carried out by a team of 4 members, players must increase their every ability against their opponents in order to combine the characters of the EDF.
  • Attendance of EDF’s Historical Members: Numerous series from the first release of the EDF to the most recent release of “Earth Defense Force 5” “Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon” and “Earth Defense” Force: Iron Rain “, Players can recruit renowned EDF members and access their vast arsenal of weapons from the massive selection of previous games, equipping their members in the new Voxel format.
  • The historical enemies of the EDF series are also returning: giant land and aerial creatures are returning to invade, invading Earth and causing alien warfare countless times in every game of the EDF series. Back to the planet, in the form of voxels.

In addition to the additional EDF spin-off games, players will have access to a wide selection of prestigious classes, weapons and soldiers from previous games ranging from the original “Earth Defense Force” to “Earth Defense Force 5”. .

Using iconic EDF weapons and soldier classes from the EDF series, players can recruit dozens of new characters to discover throughout Vauxhall Earth as local EDF members known as “brothers”. Examples of some newcomers to be listed are “sisters”, such as cowboy brother or maid sister! With more than 100 new members, players can better see the endless mix of abilities, personalities and abilities in “Earth’s Defense Force: Brothers of the World”.