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Dying Light 2: New Game Video and Release Date Confirmed |  Xbox One

Dying Light 2: New Game Video and Release Date Confirmed | Xbox One

Announced at E3 2018, Dying light2 Many of the noises from the corridors were very clever while at the same time signifying a complex development. We learned last week that Deckland was about to release its baby news. Today the game officially talks about him again in the exit window and information about the direction of the project.

இறக்கும் ஒளி 2 sortira en 2021

Dying Light 2 We understand your interest in the game because it should be as good as you think. Maybe you are a little impatient.

The developers are well aware that the players have been waiting a long time and in the video released today, they have to wait a little longer before getting the real news of the game.But, we know that Dead Light 2 will be released. In 2021.

No other information is available at this time, but a few seconds into the game the game has not yet been released. We see certain phases of the series, some enemies and victims. With the release scheduled for this year, we now imagine that more regular communications will be made about the game.

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