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Dual RAM model for developers only -

Dual RAM model for developers only –

Nintendo A few days ago the new model of its hybrid console announced its arrival at the end of the year. Let’s talk about Nintendo Click OLED, an upgraded version of the base model, with a high quality screen and other small additional features. However, there is no message in terms of internal components. Anyway, it looks like another Template Switch with Double the RAM Comes, but only for developers.

In particular, we are talking about the ADEV development model, which will be included in the previous SDEV and EDEV. This new development will be mounted on the Nintendo Switch 8 GB in RAM, Compared to previous development models offering 6GB. We have only 4GB of RAM in the business model accessible to gamers.

The Nintendo Switch has only 4GB of RAM

Information shared Digital Foundry, Within analysis of the new Nintendo Switch OLED. In particular, the newspaper writes: “Games running on the Nintendo Switch OLED do not know that they run on a model other than the standard one: Nintendo’s internal development documentation reveals that there is no way for games to analyze the system. Whether they run on an OLED switch or not.”

“That company recognizes the need Developers Test their games on the new screen. Starting from this, the new ADEV upgrade model will be available with existing SDEV and EDEV. For reasons not specified by Nintendo, this machine offers 6GB of internal memory compared to 6GB of other models and 4G of all business models. ”

Finally, we point out that the PS5 Nintendo Switch can be recharged, but it is better not to do so.

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