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Download the Lineman Celebration Week Cookbook

Download the Lineman Celebration Week Cookbook

Thank you to everyone who took one or two of the quizzes created by the International Lineman Rodeo Association (ILRA) during the Lineman Celebration Week 2020 and tested their knowledge on tax trading.

We will be giving away prizes soon to some of the lucky winners, but in the meantime, here are the answer keys for Super Saturday Quiz # 1 and Quiz # 2 sponsored by Gelco and Peer Meters.

Super Saturday Quiz # 1:

1. What tool is used to measure electricity?

a. Ampere meter

b. Vathur meter

Answer: a. Ampere meter (a water meter used to measure electrical power).

2. What is the common frequency of alternating current in the United States?

Answer: 60 Hz or 60 cycles

3. Why are disconnected switches installed in series with circuit breakers?

Answer: To isolate equipment (circuit breakers) for maintenance.

4. Which conductor is the foundation of a three-phase four-wire distribution system?

Answer: Neutral conductor

5. What is the recommended minimum depth for setting a pole in the soil?

a. 3 feet.

b. 5 feet.

c. 7 feet.

Answer: Ah, 5 feet

6. What is the rule for determining the setting depth for setting a pole in the soil?

Answer: 10% of the length of the pole and 2 feet.

7. What is the main purpose of the supply transformer?

Answer: To reduce the primary voltage of the supply system to the service voltage of the customer.

8. What is the bushing position (X) of the secondary bushings for the subtraction and addition polarity transformer?

Answer: Subtraction – X1, X2, X3 to the right – X3, X2, X1 to the right

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9. If the six primary bushings of the bank of transformers are connected together and energized, what kind of connection is it?

Answer: Delta Link

Super Saturday Quiz # 2 Answer Key

1. In a three-phase Wi / Delta Bank, what is the purpose of landing only one X2 bushing on the second page?

Answer: To provide lighting to the customer

2. In a 120/208 three-phase bank, what would most likely be the problem if a voltage check indicated that all three tanks were grounded from the 120V phase and that the first phase measurements were 208/208/0?

Answer: Two transformers are fed at the same stage.

3. How does the current from the primary winding to the secondary winding in the supply transformer?

Answer: By the induction process.

4. What is the so-called landing process in which all conductors are short-circuited, grounded and tied to a pole or structure?

Answer: Equi-potential ground

5. When banging for personal safety in a distribution system, what would be the best ground source available?

Answer: System neutral

6. What is the maximum applied voltage for Class 2 rubber gloves?

a. 13,000 Vs.

b. 15,000 Vs.

c. 17,000 Vs.

Answer: c. 17,000 Vs.

7. What is used in the supply line to automatically reduce voltage fluctuations due to load?

Answer: Voltage regulator

8. Before a voltage regulator can be removed from the line, in what system should the voltage regulator be located?

Answer: “0” or neutral.

9. Is it safe for a truck to come into contact with unsafe parts of your body (yes or no) when a digger is properly positioned to a common cut neutral?

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Answer: No, it is not safe because you will be in the same capacity as the neutral, and you will put yourself in parallel to any faulty voltage or fault current that can be induced on the system neutral.