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Download Boom 3D on Futura for free

Download Boom 3D on Futura for free

Want to enjoy your music with perfect sound? Boom 3D is the audio player you need! With this desktop and mobile software, users can adjust all the settings according to the audio device they own. So they can always enjoy perfect sound quality while listening to their favorite tracks.

Users can enjoy a powerful 3D surround sound system with Boom 3D, giving them a powerful immersive experience. This audio player offers an equalizer with a range of presets that can be adjusted according to user preference. Besides, Boom 3D has various features that make it a perfect audio player for music lovers.

The software supports playlists, but also Internet radio stations. Boom 3D allows you to listen to your favorite songs with perfect sound quality and without any disturbance.

What are the main advantages of Boom 3D?

Boom 3D is compatible with many audio systems: wired or Bluetooth headphones, speakers built into your computer or mobile device, connected speakers, etc. Once your device is detected and drivers are downloaded, some devices have software to optimize sound settings. Boom 3D makes up for the lack of configuration software and offers more settings than the tools on your computer or mobile device.

Boom 3D’s interface is modern, refined and translated into French (except for some settings options that are still in English). Access to various controls of the audio player and playlist manager has been simplified to allow all users to enjoy better sound quality. Note that the playback tool is standard, with playlists, history and shuffle or loop mode.

Another important feature of Boom 3D is that this software allows you to apply audio settings to all the apps, games and other music streaming services you use.

Finally, know that Boom 3D supports multiple radios, web radios and podcasts by creating an account.

What are the possible settings?

Boom 3D includes 2 different modes to experience perfect sound. Users can select common presets: environment, night mode, spatial mode, fidelity, tone, etc. And adjust the sliders to emphasize the corresponding effect more or less. Among these main modes, the 3D surround mode is the most impressive as it can adjust the sound of each speaker individually and precisely. Of course, a surround system with multiple speakers is essential for optimal rendering.

Other presets are also available with specific themes: the game for your video game sessions, the movies you watch, and the music style (acoustic, classical, house, pop, jazz, etc.).

There is a preset named Bass Boost which gives access to the bass EQ. Finally, most presets offer up to 16 bands with 8 balance bands and advanced settings to adjust levels.

Is Boom 3D free?

Boom 3D is not free. You can download and test the demo version of the software available on Windows and Mac, but also the mobile app for Android and iOS.