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Download Astro-COLIBRI for free on Futura

Download Astro-COLIBRI for free on Futura

For amateurs or astronomers, Astro-Colibri is a free mobile application and an accessible online service that provides real-time access to information about unstable events taking place in the universe. Developed by a team of Irfu / DPhP researchers, Astro-Colibri collects, transmits, and integrates a complete series of data provided by various observers around the world network to monitor, detect, and identify sources of physical phenomena in space.

Unstable phenomena are often very violent, since they are eruptions from unstable astronomical sources (nova and gamma-ray bursts) and unstable sources that can occur at different time scales from a few seconds to several days. Yet, without telescopes and permanent observation of the unstable sky we would not know it on Earth.

Astro-Colibri offers a graphical interface in English and offers observed events over time, according to different genres. In information about transient phenomena, one can observe the latitude of the source, the height of the sun and moon, and the phase of the moon. Admittedly, this is not a tool that can be understood by the general public, but astronomy enthusiasts will find all the information needed to observe these incredible astronomical phenomena from Earth.

Keep in mind that astronomy users can create a free account and set alerts for events they want to observe with a telescope or simple telescope.

To learn more, read our article: Astro-Colibri, an application that allows astronomers to detect unstable events.

You can download and install Astro-Colibri for free on your Android smartphone (Android 5.0 or later) or iPhone (iOS 12.0 or later). If you want to use Astro-Colibri on your computer, you can use an online service that is directly accessible from your web browser and does not require you to download or install any software.

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