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Download AnyDesk for free on Futura

Download AnyDesk for free on Futura

AnyDesk offers a complete remote control solution for computers and mobile devices, thanks to the simple internet connection and the transfer of personal code. Very easy to use, AnyDesk is free for personal use and provides a secure system for end-to-end encryption via TLS 1.2 protocol, 2-factor authentication, password hashing and asymmetric RSA key transfer. 2048.

AnyDesk is a secure and powerful remote control software that lets a techie, administrator or friend connect to your computer, smartphone or tablet and view the remote screen in a new window, allowing you to control the mouse and keyboard, access all the files in the system, change the files if needed Such as printing documents.

But AnyDesk can also be useful in other situations such as telecommuting. In fact, you can access and control your office computer from your home computer, allowing access to your company’s files and the local network, for example, in complete security.

How does AnyDesk work?

To control a remote station, you must first install the software and retrieve the personal identifier (ID) from the station you wish to control.

You must enter this ID in the Remote Desk field to establish the connection. The user of the remote station must authorize the connection for the acquisition to take effect immediately. He also has the ability to transfer files, access to the clipboard, and set some permissions, such as the keyboard and mouse.

Instant messaging module 2 allows users to communicate in writing, and allows you to complete a simple one-click session.

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Once a link is established, the contact’s address will be automatically saved in history, and you can add some of your favorites to quickly open a session. It is also possible in the security settings of the service to configure the credentials of these favorites.

As for the delivery, the process is different because to enter the ID, you have to configure unattended access that does not require the intervention of a third party. In this case, you should check the “Connect automatically” box and enter the connection password. Of course, your professional computer must be enabled so that you can enable stealth mode that shows the black screen so that your screen does not continue to run.

Is AnyDesk free?

AnyDesk is free for personal use. Paid professional offers can be tested for 14 days. They are specifically tailored to the application of the software: telework, maintenance company, or remote assistance.

You can download and install AnyDesk on your computer under Windows, Mac or Linux, but you can also download it from your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet, or use an online service that requires only a web browser. However, for the online service to install, you need to download and install the client module on the remote device.

The advantage of AnyDesk is that it allows remote control from any device. You can control the smartphone from the computer.