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Weltweit größte Nintendo Switch

Donations are being made to the world’s largest operating Nintendo Switch Children’s Hospital

The Nintendo Switch The perfect mobile console for many players, it can be used not only on the go, but also in the docking station in the living room at home. As a result, numerous switch headers can be operated with more power on a large TV. But what if that TV switch is built in properly?

The world’s largest Nintendo switch!

The inventor had this crazy thinking Michael Big, Showing the construction of the world’s largest and most fully functional Nintendo Switch on its YouTube channel. The 4K display acts as a display, the console’s frame is made of wood, and many built-in elements such as buttons and triggers come from a 3D printer. Inside, the original switch continues its work along with the ship.

Super switch with Nvidia graphics chip?

The total weight of the giant console is a huge one 29.48 kg. With Measures around 180 x 80 The Nintendo Switch is made entirely of wood 650 percent larger Than the original Nintendo console.

Michael Big can run the console directly via the Joy-con replica, but due to the size, it’s not much fun. For this reason, YouTube has thought of ways to use the Pro controller and the old GameCube controller.

American did not own the largest Nintendo switch for himself, but donated it to Children’s Hospital (St. Jude Children’s Hospital) in Memphis. The kids there will have fun with the unusually large Nintendo console, while expecting more projects from Creative YouTube Entertainment.

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