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Do You Remember… Nintendo Game Boy Adventure Island – THM Magazine

In the late ’80s, you inevitably played this game with a slightly different character, which happened on an island in which questions like running right, throwing small chicks, collecting fruit and avoiding beauty were enemies. This game is Adventure Island, or Wonder Boy (a series that later took a different turn) First name if you are in Sega. Immortal Island Edition Game Boy, return today to the undeniable Durg 182.

In the era of 4K, Radiation-tracking and 60 (or 120) FPS, it was good to dive back into our video games, and even today NES is still popular. We enjoy getting started on., In the master system, Super Nintendo, PC. On the machine or the old old computer of the time. A little look at retro (gaming) is like a small video game trip into the distant past. A column provided by Durg 182, we warmly invite you to discover it His best “retroblock.

Adventure Island, La Grande Adventure Game Boy!

Hello old folks! If you follow my Facebook, you will know that I have had the flu all this week, and today I am not 100%, but I have enough strength to write you a short article.

© Turk 182 / Retroblock

I loved having the flu when I was a boy. No, I was not a masochist, but it had its advantages. For example, not going to school or being in my parents’ room all day watching my favorite shows like Sheriff Scare Me, The Man Who Was Worth Three Billion, Super Jamie and more. Best, because it’s La Cinque’s classic day.

Test Adventure Island GB

It’s true that I have no other distractions, no portable consoles and no doubt plugging the VG5000 into my parents’ TV because an urban legend claimed to have damaged the radiation tube with the cathode.

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Today, having the flu is completely different, first I have my own TV, I have to work anyway, but I have a big advantage, I have portable consoles, there are some of them. So my preference fell these days Classic Comboy One of my favorite games on this console: Hudson’s Adventure Island.

Test Adventure Island GB

Hudson’s Adventure Island is Nintendo’s Wonderboy. We see a pretty similar little man, he has to cross the screens collecting fruits and weapons to defend himself to be satisfied. The similarities with Wonderboy are obvious, in addition to collecting fruit, the weapons are also hidden in the eggs and the similarity is questionable. In fact, finding an ax that will allow you to finish your first enemy in the first egg, what kind of enemies do you guess? Definitely a snail.

Test Adventure Island GB

The second egg gives you access to a skateboard quickly and especially to protect you if you collide with an enemy like a snake… Well, it reminds me of something.

Things change from the third egg. In fact, it has a dinosaur that you ride, and it allows you to shoot your enemies, spitting it constantly to its flames. Finally, you get roughly entitled to the good angel who will not destroy you for a few seconds. At the end of each level you have to choose an egg, which brings you a random bonus and with a little luck you get extra life.

Test Adventure Island GB

But this game is not just a simple wonderboy clone, it has a unique feature at the beginning of each level. It is the act of leaving or taking up arms before starting a level. For example, if we know that we will encounter an egg from the beginning, we do not need to pick up the ax and leave it in its existence for the stages that start without the egg. The big thing is, these weapons are stacked.

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In short, the flu was tricky, but my little parties on Hudson’s Adventure Island in the evening kept me from drowning in stress.