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Have only a third of development games been announced?  -

Do not miss the 20th anniversary of Corden –, but without the announcement of new games

In turn, Microsoft will host a special event Xbox 20th Anniversary For November 15 and Windows Central reporter Jess Gordon, this will be a real event Not to be missed, It does not contain Announcements about new games.

Apparently, even in this case it is only a rumor, not from an official source, but Jess Gordon It is considered to be very reliable, historically close to Microsoft contexts and has the potential for sources that can provide reliable information.

The most interesting content is still to be expected, but since there will be no surprises in the announcements of unknown topics, the report represents both good and bad news.

This does not mean, however, that there will be no more interesting news, but that the reported ones are simply non-existent. Undeclared games. Therefore, there may be room for already announced games, and therefore, there may be new trailers and products and potential news related to the Xbox Game Pass on topics that are particularly anticipated by Xbox users.

After a while, it should be taken into account Sports Awards 2021, Set for December 10, 2021, and should bring some news. Microsoft wants to book something big in this case, for which there is already talk of a possible trailer for HellPlate 2, for example, which will take up space for large-scale presentations during the ‘anniversary. , So we look forward to learning more.