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Do not download a new update from Google if you own these Chromebooks

Do not download a new update from Google if you own these Chromebooks

If you own a Chromebook, you might want to avoid the latest update from Google. This is because some users who were unfortunate enough to install this recent upgrade are now facing annoying issues, their laptops are running too hot and the batteries are draining much faster than usual.

This problem appears to be due to the fact that the Google Play Store uses 100% of the machines CPU processing power. This makes it difficult for machines to cope with even the most simple tasks.

Not every Chromebook seems to be damaged by a bug, but if you use a device made by Acer, ASUS and Samsung, you may stop pressing the download button.

The forums are full of users complaining about this issue with the frustrated Chromebook owner: “My Chromebook has been using too much processing power lately and has caused fans to launch a full blast because this work” service: download_service “uses more than 95% cpu.”

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Another added: “I have the power to consume this service even on Android, losing 3 to 4 hours of nuts a day and not knowing what to do with it.”

There is no official solution yet, however, it seems that the developers are aware of it and will fix the bug in an upcoming update. Some users say they can find a solution by killing the download_service process in Chrome Task Manager.

According to Sleeping computer, A user said that they solved the CPU-drying problem by going back to the old Google Play Store version. While everyone likes this update, the recent upgrade to Chrome is definitely more appreciated.

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Google has announced a number of improvements for Chromebook owners worldwide. With the latest upgrade to Chrome OS, users no longer need to remember Wi-Fi passwords when moving between devices. Connecting your Chromebook to a new Wi-Fi network saves your profile password.

Elsewhere, the latest software update brings improvements to the settings panel. Search company Google has added a new search mode to the menu. So far, Chromebook owners have to be very careful of what they type in the search bar to find the corresponding settings panel. Thankfully, the latest update allows users to be a little more obscure. So, typing the word “WiFi” highlights the many different options that now apply.