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Dissatisfied with the M5S, Conte on the viewfinder

Dissatisfied with the M5S, Conte on the viewfinder

Now is the time for meetings, really important. Some are more important than many ministries. Already widely expected DPI, Econ Gehender has now completed the preparations for the shortlist, which will then end up in the hands of Economy Minister Franco, and therefore in the hands of the head of government, Mario Draghi. However, the news of the day is another: Tracy rejects Conte (with losses).

Ferraris in Ferrovi is now an almost closed game, while Palermo’s restructuring on the CDP (Casa Depisti e Prestiti, et) appears to be increasingly in balance, which has alerted five-star chats. There was nothing else to do for the few hours that triggered the news: Fabregio Palermo would not be confirmed again.

The real political data of this framework is precisely the great defeat of Giuseppe Conte, who was at the top of the movement for several weeks, but could never be affected, to enter the game, he could say about the strategic choices of Palazzo Ciki and the government.

An inaction in these hours also angers the Grillino parliamentary committee, which feels it is eroding its weight within parliament, even though it is still the first political force of the majority.

For his part, however, the brilliant Luigi de Mayo continues to play in the shadows and in silence with open and cross-cutting channels: from Ferraris to Scanapico, the head of diplomacy has met on more than one occasion. It could soon rise to the pinnacle of Mario Tracy’s CDP.

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