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Disney Art Academy: Removed from Nintendo 3DS eShop

Another topic for Nintendo 3DS Coming to an end. The Nintendo 3DS was one of the most successful consoles in the history of the big N, and over time more and more Games They were Removed from digital eShop The most popular portable console. Contains the last case Disney Art Academy.

Late entry into the 3D portable system in 2016, a year after arrival Nintendo Switch, The Disney title has been well received by critics as a simple art game that allows you to spend some time coloring the most popular characters from Disney films. Well, the Digital version From Disney Art Academy Sarah Removed March 30, 2021, In Japan and Europe. While it is not yet confirmed if the game will be recalled from US digital shelves, it is credible that the same will happen there as well.

This is not the first 3DS or DS game to be removed from digital stores Nintendo has announced the completion of production of the old portable console. To recover some titles, it is better to run before it is too late!

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