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Discard sees record-high downloads, thanks to us

When it comes to voice-over IP (VoIP) applications, Discord is well known in the market. Now, a layman may or may not have the use of Discord, however, it is very popular among gamers and streamers because it helps them to connect smoothly with each other during gaming sessions. Now, according to recent reports, the software’s mobile apps are hitting all-time high downloads on the Play Store and App Store, thanks to the newly popular video game.

According to a recent Report Uptopia Analyst, Adam Blocker, The growing popularity of cross-platform indie games, is among us Pushing Discord’s mobile apps to hit all-time high downloads. One of the games published by InnerSlot “Hottest” Games on mobile right now according to Blocker.

The whole game is about the team game and finding the ‘cheat’ hidden in the group. Here, you are on a spaceship with 10 crew. However, among the crew, there was one man who was trying to destroy their work and kill the members.

Now, when someone finds a body on a spaceship, there is an “emergency meeting” with team members. In this scenario, You should also discuss it with your colleagues, To keep the killer alone, by tone or by lessons.

Most players are usually comfortable gathering friends and discussing murders on VoIP apps and this is the main reason for Discord’s download boom. “Dissent for everyday mobile app downloads has hit a new lifetime high since September 5.” Blocker wrote in his report.

According to the chart below, the app has been downloaded 800,000 times a day since the game, among us, began to evaporate among users.

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Discord Downloads High Chart from time to time

Blocker says the US is the largest market for both the video game and the VoIP app, accounting for 18.8% of our downloads and 21.5% of Discord’s downloads.

Apart from the fame from among us popularity, Discord has also recently added one of the most useful features in its mobile apps.