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Disable them - switch - ntower

Disable them – switch – ntower

How do I qualify for this? The managing director hired me to pull the strings – sorry, that means I am the customer – the money goes out of his pockets and creates massive sales. The boss is clear on my back and gets every decision instantly. He informs me that if I do not reach my goal, he is a moneylender, many shops will have to close and the entire staff will lose their jobs. Of course, he gave my name to the victims so they would think it was my fault. On the other hand, when I reach my goal, he cheers me on and compliments me on how I robbed customers of their money. But my next task is already waiting: people have more money. The money you definitely want to spend in our elegant stores stocked with the best products.

He is almost like my real boss.

© Lozange Laboratory

So much for the Rip Them of Mission, this title is a satirical puzzle game with tower defense dynamics. The needs of the manager will be transferred to you in a humorous manner. To get the money out of customers’ pockets, shops should be built on a street. A short exercise introduces you very little to the dynamics, by which it is limited to the absolutely essential, and then I was somewhat clever as before. Through trial and error, you will mainly get down to the game. Construction sites are pre-determined, and what type of store you actually use is yours, but the available budget should be taken into account. The store is more expensive, more customers can engage in it at once and get higher yields in terms of money. Also keep in mind that customers will have different lengths when shopping at each store.

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There are several days to reach the employer’s goal. Once you select the stores you want, customers will start shopping. These run on predetermined routes and come automatically to configured stores. If these are already full, they run away and get angry that they did not spend the money they earned. Of course, these inevitably go through the next store, and they can enter if they are not already crowded. Once the daily cycle is over, you have time to invest the money you earn in other stores or upgrade existing ones, which increases the efficiency of the customers and also increases the amount of money distributed to you per customer. Even during the shopping phase, the money earned can be invested directly to make short-term changes and thereby achieve huge returns.

During the shopping tour, customers leave the money they earn for our benefit.

© Lozange Laboratory

Customers who have already snatched their money often have the ability to go to another store. However, of course, they do not come back to the same store, but want to have variation, so it should be noted that the same stores are not to be built one after the other. First you have to get used to a lot of the most creative graphic style. This is because shops are not referred to as clothing stores, electronics stores, or shoe stores, but as various shapes such as rectangles, circles, and pyramids. However, after a while, you have developed a sense of different forms, including the pros and cons. Levels quickly become more difficult and require multiple attempts with different approaches until you reach the desired goal of management. However, in case of failure, you do not have to start all over again from day one; You can comfortably start again at any point and continue from this point. However, it often takes a lot of testing and error until you find the right choice of stores for the best yield. However, if you are completely stuck on a level, you can show a spoiler at the push of a button, which gradually reveals what kind of business is best on any construction site.

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In TV mode, initially I had easy problems finding my way and pressing any custom buttons. However, after a while, I was able to make good use of the controls. In portable mode, the touchscreen function is definitely suitable for quick action on chatter. The music goes with the action with very exotic sounds that evoke a certain sense of well-being. The best way to do this is to relax customers’ money.