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Disability: 20 Answers to Questions You Ask Yourself

Your employees may be declared unfit by an occupational physician during a medical examination if their health condition does not allow them to continue in their post. Then begins a process that can sometimes be complicated. To help you understand it better, we have prepared for you a file with 20 questions and answers on disability.

Your employees may need to make frequent medical visits with your occupational health and prevention department: informational and preventive visits, visits on request, recovery visits, etc.

During these visits, the occupational physician may declare your employees unfit to occupy their workstation. In principle, you should conduct redistribution research, consult with members of your Social and Economic Committee (CSE), and then offer the identified redistribution positions to the ineligible employee. A procedure for terminating the employment contract of a disabled employee may be planned in the event that re-use is not possible.

But this process is actually more complicated than it seems. Therefore, not all medical visits can constitute a declaration of disability. In some cases you may be exempt from your reclassification obligation and the obligation to consult your CSE. or that the financial consequences of breach of contract vary according to professional appearance or not disability.

To help you go through your disability procedures correctly, we have prepared for you a file with 20 questions and answers on disability, which retraces the entire process:

  • Notice of disability;
  • contesting the declaration of disability;
  • Search for Reclassification;
  • Counseling of CSE;
  • Reclassification proposals to the employee;
  • reinstatement of salary;
  • its financial implications in relation to the termination of the employment contract and the appearance of disability;
  • as well as the protection of an incompetent employee against the effect of the disabled worker’s condition or the termination of his contract in the applicable procedure.
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This file can be downloaded below.

If you’d like to learn more about disability, we recommend you check out our documentation ” Tissot Social Enterprise ACTIV This includes the interactive Lumio process “Manage a Disabled Process”.