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Digital Foundry - Impressive Performance Performance on the Xbox Series X for

Digital Foundry – Impressive Performance Performance on the Xbox Series X for

Hollow is infinite Passing a new phase of multiplayer beta testing, this time Big Team focused on combat mode and had the opportunity to perform another technical analysis of the digital foundry game, which is final Interesting Xbox Series X and Xbox One X., Especially in this regard Performance mode This test version can be used.

According to Digital Foundry, This beta phase demonstrates the improvements made in Hollow Infiniti during this additional monthly development, confirming what has already emerged in the previous test and especially the results in performance mode on various consoles. Of these, the Xbox One S was the most sacrificed, due to obvious technical limitations.

As previously announced, the Xbox One S uses “aggressive” dynamic resolution, which leads to multiple fluctuations in pixel size, often below the 1080p target and still at 30 fps, demonstrating how hollow infinity is essentially towards the next gen.

However, the situation on the Xbox One X improves considerably, and the results are very interesting: the performance mode that now brings the game to 60 FPS in question console is not yet stable next gen but still promising. A dynamic resolution between 1080p and 1440p.

Xbox Series X offers better gaming status: Performance mode, according to Digital Foundry Dramatically improved Now it works 120 fps Without uncertainty with dynamic resolution with fluctuations between 1080p and 1440p. Obviously, there must be a display showing 120 fps to get it, otherwise the option cannot be activated.

Hollow Infinite’s graphics quality mode goes up to 60 fps on the Xbox Series X, with dynamic resolution measured between 2160p and 1800p. Xbox Series S Instead limited to 60 fps and 1080p performance mode, 120 fps seems to have been eliminated in this new version, after the big drops of resolution that appeared during the previous test: maybe 343 Industries is rating it at Series S or less than 120 fps.

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More worrying PC versionInstead: According to a British column test, it seems that even the use of an RTX 3090 does not guarantee 120 fps stability, even with a 1440 b resolution, even if the PC has a framerate upgrade. v- It is necessary to control the 60Hz sync game to 60fps.

Note that the recent experiment focused on using Big Team combat mode.