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L'appli "As du Numérique" sera disponible en téléchargement en septembre

Digital Ace, the first digital mutual aid network, was born in Hot-Vien

This is a social network of mutual aid between acquaintances and strangers created by Hot-Viennese. Digital Ace. The company is located in Saint-Paul. “On the one hand, there is a community that is trained in digital technology, very comfortable Sylvain Buttad, its chairman and co-founder, explains. We have seen a particularly good health crisis and a good portion of the population, on the other hand not necessarily the elderly. We call it the digital divide. “

We can all be ACs

So, the simple idea of ​​creating a solution to stay in touch with each other eventually sprouted. Ace to Numeric allows for any problem, a simple difficulty in printing the document, connection problem etc. Find remote help from an expert. In this case it could be whoever it is. Du Numeric is based on the new database model developed by As du Numerik “Allows both the person in need of help to categorize his problem (…) and on the other hand to classify the abilities of the aces”.

Adjustment and consultation

This solution will take the form of a smartphone app “We want to position ourselves as the playblogger of digital mutual aid. Sylvain Putad insists. We want to allow as many people as possible to help. “. But provide advice. The app allows you to get information from Asus before purchasing a new computer or downloading software. The prototype of the application is complete and is in the testing phase. The business version is due in September. At the same time, the founders of Ass to Numeric launched a fundraising campaign on stage We do good By investing in royalties for all subscribers.

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