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Super mario odyssey offre Nintendo

Did Super Mario Odyssey 2 leak after Sonic Frontiers announcement?

Will the official launch of Sonic Frontiers at The Game Awards 2021 confirm the immediate arrival of Super Mario Odyssey 2?

Last week, Sports Awards Sacred Deathloop, It takes two Or The impact of Jenshin For the best games of the year. In each edition, this meeting became an opportunity for some video game publishers to formalize some announcements about upcoming releases. It was at this time that Sega announced the release Sonic borders. The game, already expected for many years, has finally received its official announcement. The good news is, it also boosts players’ confidence Possible visit Super Mario Odyssey 2.

Sonic Frontiers updates old rumor

In 2019, an anonymous post will say when 4chan Announces arrival Sonic borders, Which describes a brand new release Super Mario Odyssey 2, Especially in the presence of Luigi as a playable character (and his own coffee), But Yoshi, 20 new worlds to visit and more than a hundred page searches. The promise is significant, especially since it must be accepted. Super Mario Odyssey Although great, it is one of the best 3D games in plumber life Super Mario Galaxy And Super Mario Sunshine.

So far around these leaks Super Mario Odyssey 2 Didn’t really arouse the players’ interest. But formalization Sonic borders, And confirmation of all predictions made by 4chan News confirms the notion that the second work of the title, published in 2017, is actually in production. In fact, it would not be so surprising. Most of the best games featuring Mario got their sequel, and the expectations of the fans came around D’ODC There really is. While the Nintendo movie is getting ready Super Mario, The arrival of the mustachioed plumber would be very good news for the Big N, as there have been no original games for some years.

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