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Diablo 2: Resurrected PS5 Review - Insult or Successful New Version?

Diablo 2: Resurrected PS5 Review – Insult or Successful New Version?

Diablo 2 has been released in Europe for over 20 years. One of the major milestones of Blizzard entertainment is finally returning, for the first time on current consoles. How does the new version play on a console and can the title keep up with the current video games even after a long time? We have Diablo 2: Resurrected Tested in detail for you on PlayStation 5.

Complete package

Apart from that the main game features Diablo 2: Resurrected More extension Lord of destruction With it there are a total of seven character classes that you can play. Amazon, Barbarian, Necromancer, Palatine, Witch, Druid and Assassin can be selected from the beginning. Internal Blizzard Studio Vicious Visions has already been able to work with newer versions Crash Pondicherry And Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1 + 2 Believe me, but can you manage such a big project? Success Points First: All 27 minutes of the original game’s cut scenes were very successfully reproduced and the current plans for the blizzard can continue without any problems. Our playable heroes have received updated armor, clothing, leather texture and animations. This game allows a direct comparison with the original game like most of the restorations of the last few years, which makes the difference very clear. In this mode every player behind will remember the original better than anyone else.

The distribution of individual skills was also resolved very intuitively in the controller

Controller support on all platforms implemented a bit glitch in the first test phases, but is now the most popular variant for playing title on the computer. In addition to the partial labor management of your inventory using the controller, the rest of the game has been changed to a controller just like in the Diablo 3. PC gamers also occupy the entire screen of the menu / inventory (in control mode only). Slight improvements are not only implemented in the visual area, but also in the sound and some boring peculiarities. The game has been completely redesigned with 7.1 Dolby Surround Sound, gold is collected automatically (not always clean thanks to bugs), booty chest expanded, and above all, improved sharing is a blessing to many old school fans.

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We fought Act 4 and Druid and Necromancer offline and online

Due to the developers’ decision to keep the authenticity of the gaming experience, some technical errors and undesirable elements from the original come to light again. The original engine is still running in the background, which means that many of the original issues still exist and new bugs have appeared. The configurations are often reloaded very late, many players see the game map twice and need to restart the game several times to cover up this error and more. A lot of possibilities were wasted by the studio, especially the online experience. In general, especially in the communication between the studio and the fans, it seems that you have forgotten that the title is now released on consoles as well. Despite several testing phases with the community, there were already several maintenance windows and access to the online server without errors is still not possible even 24 hours after the official release. Console players are not notified about maintenance windows in the game, meaning your progress is not saved and your character no longer appears during maintenance window and you can only play a single character offline. Big Missed Opportunity: Although you can easily transfer your character to another console or PC via, there is no cross game other than playing there. So if you want to play as a console player with your friends on the computer, you need to buy the game separately for PC and change your character. Of course you can argue that there is no original console version, but if you already support cross-improvement, this move will definitely be possible for a company like Blizzard with millions of registered users.

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Diablo 2 PS5 Cups
Developers will steam a little creatively with new files

Has been coming up a little bit over the years

As much as you loved the original, you unfortunately missed some of the features that made Diablo players’ lives so much easier, especially in Part 3. The great strength of Diablo 2 is the comprehensive character type and the amazing possibilities with versatile trees and combinations of different package materials. The game not only remembers searches that have already been completed and reached teleportation points, but also resets the fog of battle after each restart. Such peculiarities of the time often required you to invest some time in a cloth in the game, especially in multiplayer, to have a good team with you. Anyone who hires a permanent team for this is on the safe side. Everyone else depends a little bit on luck in the very simple fit of the blizzard and the control on your preferred platform. For console gamers, the emode menu is useful for faster communication, but it is no substitute for the extensive chat functions used by PC gamers. Individual searches are also divided into different sub-items, but matching does not take this into account. As a result, you may often be thrown into a group that has already explored areas that are not available to you, making it difficult or completely preventing quick travel for your teammates. As a console player, you often feel helpless in communicating with your teammates assigned online. These are all features of the original that have been taken into account for the updated new version without changing the focus of the game or worsening the players’ gaming experience.

Diablo 2 Totenbeschwörer Review Screenshot PS5
Technically, the new version offers solid performance on consoles despite crashes and reloading configurations

In return, perhaps, for the positive aspects Diablo 2: ResurrectionUpcoming Dead: Technically, the game offers the most solid performance on the PlayStation 5. Despite the myriad spells competing against four players and personal opponents in multiplayer, the frame rate never drops. The technical issues you have to fight from the release are more on the server side in the blizzard. Frequent crashes, delays in multiplayer and server maintenance, which does not really connect players directly to the top of the solid gaming experience. Especially in this area, the expectation is that a company like Blizzard Entertainment will keep these problems under control with a 20-year title. We were able to test the game from the release, now 3 days after it was officially released Diablo 2: ResurrectionYou still have many hours of routine server maintenance and many times live with the problems mentioned in multiplayer.

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Quick change to the original is a good nostalgic journey


Vicious visions will be with you Diablo 2: ResurrectionIs very close to the original, which brings more issues than positive aspects. Graphical editing is completely successful and new controller support has been implemented surprisingly well. Unfortunately, a lot of missed opportunities in terms of legacy issues, server issues and multiplayer features retain this outdated title more than necessary.


+ New cut scenes and writing patterns are beautiful

Control support was implemented surprisingly well on all platforms

20 years after the original release the purpose of the game and the many variants still provide enough fun


– Since its release, server overloads and maintenance have not even been reported to console players

– Regular delays, reloading issues and malfunctions in multiplayer reduce gaming experience

-Released shortcut and matchmaking features defined from the original are no longer up to date

– New bugs (graph overlay) and technical issues that are not even in the original