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Developers are offering a stop cap solution to avoid a new serious bug

Developers are offering a stop cap solution to avoid a new serious bug

Recently Released Link for Roll-Flaming Game Cyberbunk 2077 (From 49.99At To purchase) Brings a lot of improvements with it (Check it out here), But at the same time it created a new bug that could have dangerous consequences in the course of the game.

It’s about Down on the Street, which has already proven to be a problem kid. Meanwhile, Takemura, as the central figure of the journey, calls as requested, but then calms down, which is no longer valid. To prevent this accident, CD Project Red now has guidelines for emergency solutions Official website Published. However, this will only work if you have a previous score.

In this case you will load your save game before leaving the office of Takemura and V Wagako. You should end the conversation with Takemura immediately outside the said office. Once that is done and the search is refreshed, the time progresses by 23 hours. Now you need to check if the hologue is triggered and you can contact Takemura.

This does not seem to be the only problem with the new connection: most users confirm sharpness and performance improvements, especially on consoles, but complain about it Increased malfunctions And this Loss of lines of conversation With some writing.

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