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Details about skills, specialties and fighting styles -

Details about skills, specialties and fighting styles –

Horizon Forbidden West The protagonist of a detailed in-depth article published by Game Informer, especially the first details that start leaking online Skill Tree ability, தி Special and fighting styles.

Apparently, they are expected 6 ways Different or 6 specialties or fighting styles, in which Aloy can be created from skill trees, namely:

  • Warrior, a warrior who specializes in melee attacks
  • Trapper, who specializes in the use of traps
  • Survivor, expert on resource utilization and survival in health management
  • A fighting style that supports an intrusive, stealthy approach
  • Predator, or hunter who specializes in range attacks
  • Machine master, specializing in hacking

According to the report, they are not exclusive paths, but you can achieve common features in many ways together, Mixing Some things when each particular skill tree has abilities like its own moves and ability to regenerate energy.

Skills can be improved by spending more points or by using equipment that expands certain properties.

Also appears as Fight Joining NPCs in Horizon Forbidden West should be in greater numbers than we saw in the previous chapter. New pictures for the game were also taken from the same article, and these days the weight of the PS5 version has also emerged, which is quite remarkable in terms of width.

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