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"Desperados III" won the German computer game award

“Desperados III” won the German computer game award

“Desperados III” is the best recent German video game, decided by the German Computer Games Award (TCP) Jury. Game developers from the Mimi Games studio in Munich can now expect a prize money of ,000 140,000. Of this 40,000 euros will be awarded for the second prize, namely “Studio of the Year”.

“Desperados III” is located in the Wild West and popularized the “Desperados” series of games in June 2020, backed by the German company Spellbound Entertainment at the time.

Prior to “Desperados III”, Mimi Games had already established an international reputation as a developer studio for real-time tactical games with “Shadow Tactics: Shogun’s Knives”. During the Computer Game Awards, Studio hit the headlines in 2017 after refusing to accept the award for “Shadow Tactics”, citing possible conflicts in the work of the main arbitral tribunal.More here).

As with the previous year, the Computer Game Prize will be presented in 2021 in the form of an online gala, this time by Barbara Schonberger and UK Bose. There were prizes of up to ,000 60,000 for “Best Introduction” and “Best Exemplary”. Among those genres, Tucana Interactive’s or Torfromantic and “Passing Pie” dominated. Behind »passing, It can run for free on PC and Mac, Four developers: Hannah Kammel, John Milos, Marius Muhlek and Ilona Treml.

»Dorfromantik is also a double winner

“Dorfromantik” also won second prize in the “Best Game Design” category. Over the past few weeks the building game from Berlin on the steam gaming platform has been at the top Exciting uprising beyond Germany.

“Cloud Punk”, “Worlds of Materials”, “Polarity!” And “Suzarine” are other games that can expect popularity and money this year. A test of the latter political game can be found here.

In the “Best Innovation and Technology” category, there was the “Chloride” project, which relied on virtual reality experiences while driving. The jury’s special prize went to the Indie Arena Booth Online 2020 digital exhibition center. GNU was selected as the winner of the Audience Award “Best Player of the Year” based on online voting. The video maker was on YouTube Recently marked one million subscribers.

80,000 euros for “El Hijo – A Wild West Tale”

Tuesday evening’s award-winning “Desperados III” was not the only Wild West game. In the “Best Family Games” category, “El Hijo – A Wild West Tale” won, and the developers of Honic Studios and QuantumFrog staged the “Spaghetti Western Stealth Game”. The Family Sports Award presented ,000 80,000.

The success of the German computer game prize is one of many ways for German sports companies to raise money for future game products. In this sense, the computer game prize is also a financial tool.

It is organized by the Central Government and is represented by the Minister of State for Digitalization and the Union Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure and the Industrial Association Games. The Digital Game Cultural Foundation and Medianford Berlin-Brandenburg also sponsor the awards ceremony, which is preceded by several special juries and a major arbitration panel. In most genres, only games made mainly in Germany can be submitted and recommended.

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