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Desire disappears from search engines: what changes for consumers

Desire disappears from search engines: what changes for consumers

Google, Microsoft, Apple … Internet giants have begun to avoid the American platform Wish. Voluntary access for users is difficult, as determined by DGCCRF.

This is a rare and important decision in the field of online sales. American company Wish is excluded from major search engines. These measures follow the decision of the Directorate General of Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control (DGCCRF).

Dangerous products are for sale

The Commission decided to grant permission for the platform as a large number of products for sale on the site were dangerous. Despite repeated negotiations with management, the situation has not changed. Therefore, the Minister of Economy, Bruno Le Myre, decided to suppress. This November 29th, Google announced that it had begun deleting the list of applications Le Picaro. As of Monday afternoon, the “Wish” app is no longer available for download on the Android operating system. in the Google Play Store, At least in France. The website is also being phased out from US search engine pages.

Apple and Microsoft removed the Application and Wish site from their store a few hours ago. Bruno Le Myre noted that internet players who refuse to deny the e-commerce site on their site will not hesitate to take legal action in the coming days. “I will leave them for a few more days, the benefit of the doubt, but not anymore, it’s so simple, I will bring the case to justice, they will be convicted,” he explained in France 2 on Monday.

I want to be very clear: I will take legal action against the Wish website and other sites that refuse to avoid its mobile application. Digital giants are not outlaws. # Les4V

– Bruno Lee Maire (rBrunoLeMaire) November 29, 2021

What are the implications for consumers?

As a result, users can no longer download the app or find the Internet on the Internet, at least not officially. Consumers who already have this processor installed on their smartphone can continue to use it for a while. On the other hand, updates should not be confirmed and the software will soon become obsolete. Android has a solution to bypass the official stores of smartphone suppliers: use an alternative app distributor. These allow the application to be downloaded directly as a file (apk).

On the Internet, the custom site is no longer available to search engines but can be accessed via its direct URL (

A radical solution is expected

The last solution to be considered by the Ministry of Economy and Finance to completely cut off “Wish” access is: DNS prevention. Serious effect that can increase the pressure on the leaders of the e-commerce platform.