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Denial at Croton, protest after Spurlin's order: "No one is being pushed here"

Denial at Croton, protest after Spurlin’s order: “No one is being pushed here”

CROTONE – We request that only trucks be unloaded from the local ATO. Following an order signed by President Nino Spurley last night, protests are mounting: “Trucks from other parts of the region will not come here. Here they will only unload trucks from Auto Croton, no one else. It’s good to know President Spurley. ” Croton Mayor Vincenzo Vos said this, along with council members and a majority of city council members, since this morning. Private territory of Sovreko There, waste will be removed from all provinces of Calabria, according to an order issued yesterday evening by the regional executive chairman.

Spurley’s urgent action considering the circumstances that lead to non – collection of waste throughout Calabria As explained in the same command, public disposal sites are not efficient and waste cannot be disposed of. According to the order, the Chovreko landfill will receive 600 tons of garbage from all Calabrian provinces at a cost of 150 euros per tonne.

Voice: “This is a companion”

“It’s an idea we wanted to organize – Vos said – he thought about disposing of the waste on the land provided for the hazardous waste that comes from reclaiming the industrial area. An agreement was found to allow our waste to be transported over the land. Lamezia and Gioia Duro, But yesterday’s decision protects us. Neither Spurley nor DiCaprio had the courage to warn the mayor. ”

The mayors of Isola Capo Risudo arrived in the garrison in the morning. Maria Gracia Wittimberga, Kakkuri, Mariana Caliguri, and Rogapernarda, Nicola Plotta, and Don Pasquale Aceto, Director of the Diocesan Community Pastoral and Labor Office. “This garrison – added Mayor Vos – represents the whole province of Croton, where every ton of waste will be removed from other provinces, which will be extra tons of toxins, and they will be in the area. We are staying here to prevent another slander to this city.”

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