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Data from 500 million users was auctioned off in a hacker forum

Data from 500 million users was auctioned off in a hacker forum

Center logo on mobile. – Denise Closon / Isopics / Ciba

Center Confirmed this Thursday His site A major data breach. This Tuesday, the site Cybernews That was revealed
Personal information More than 500 million center profiles are sold on the Internet by cybercriminals.

Professional social networking, however, claims to have suffered no setbacks Cyber ​​attack And denies any deficiencies in the security of its systems. Data was auctioned off in a forum frequented by hackers. To prove their point,
Pirates Provide a sample of two million data, accessible for a fee of approximately $ 2.

The trial began in Italy

Cybercriminals are waiting for a solution in Bitcoin, which is expected to reach a four-digit amount. This allows the buyer to access the full name, email address, phone number, information about the work done and the gender of the users involved. LinkedIn emphasizes that this is “data collection from various websites and organizations”.

The company ensures that there are no stolen data from users’ personal accounts in the sales database. However, victims of leaks should be wary of any spam or phishing campaigns. It is recommended to strengthen them Online security And change their passwords.

On April 1, Italian privacy officials announced that they had launched an investigation into the data breach. Italy is actually one of the European countries with the most center users.

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