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"Dance with the Stars" lawyer Chris Marks reveals his fight against disease on "Morandini Live": "It's a lifelong pollution" - Video

“Dance with the Stars” lawyer Chris Marks reveals his fight against disease on “Morandini Live”: “It’s a lifelong pollution” – Video

This morning, Chris Marx published his book “Only You Know” (Ed. Flamerian) as a guest of Jean-Marc Morandini on “Morandini Live” on CNews. In the book, the lawyer for “Dance with the Stars” raises the issue that has plagued him for ten years in particular.

“The first symptoms start with a viral infection in the 2000s. This infection leaves me with after effects that do not leave me. I have not been sick for weeks and months and years. Illness syndrome is chronic. It is linked to fibromyalgia,” he said.

Add to this: “We describe it as fatigue, but it’s not really that. It’s a fatigue that crushes you, it’s heavier than everything. There are millions of patients. I was with them. When they say they have the disease, it does not mean they are lazy (…) We are in a very light sleep. The disease is associated with severe sleep disturbance “.

“When you associate it with muscle aches, joint pain, fever, and inability to think, it’s a symptom that will pollute your whole life (…) Without my wife, I would have had trouble continuing to go on,” Chris Marks said, “I can talk about this disease.” Said. “Today, I appreciate life more. I think it shows.” Invites you to (again) find this queue (see video above).

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