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CYPES eFootball PES 2022: How to get real team names and logos - Breakflip

CYPES eFootball PES 2022: How to get real team names and logos – Breakflip

Very few teams in EFootball 2022 have their real logos and team names, and we explain how you can paste all the official names and logos.

eFootball 2022 Coming September 30, 2021 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series.

As every year, there are a lot of official group names and symbols in the Konami title, but unfortunately some official names and symbols are not there yet, we will explain the process of getting them.

How to get the real names and logos of the teams in EFootball 2022?

We recommend the link created CYPES Customize your PES, the community of French-speaking motors. for now, The efootball 2022 link has not yet been released, It is necessary to at least wait for the release of the game.

How to paste on PS4 and Xbox One?

  • Get started by downloading the link from the band’s official website.
  • When done, take a USB key that is in the form FAT32If it does not, or you do not know how to switch to FAT32, you can do the following:
    • To find out the format of your key: Insert it into your computer, once the key is recognized, right-click on it and select ” Properties Click “Then find the line” File system This will tell you the shape of the key.
    • To change the format if not in FAT32, right-click on the USB key and select Format. Select the FAT32 format to format. Be careful, because formatting will erase everything in the key, so make sure you have nothing important in the key at this time.
  • Once you have downloaded the file, you need to extract the various components in the downloaded file .zip. To extract it, you can use example வின்ரார் Where Winship, Programs that allow you to unzip a .zip.
  • Your. After unzipping, you can Exit You can connect it to your Placement 4 or Xbox One by right-clicking your USB key and selecting the relevant line so as not to lose your data.
  • From the Home menu, select Tabs: Settings> Edit> Import / Export> Import Panel, Then check and confirm all boxes.
  • However, be careful with the detailed parameters menu. ” Use player / team data Not to be verified. In the box ” Override image files of the same name This is not the first time the patch has been installed. However, you should check whether you are reinstalling the link or installing a newer version.
  • On return to the Import / Export menu, select ” Import contests “, Check all boxes, then” Open Detailed Settings », Check the only box available.
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How to connect to computer?

  • Get started by downloading the link from the band’s official website.
  • The downloaded file is in .zip, for example use software வின்ரார் Where WinshipPrograms that allow you to unzip .zip to retrieve and extract the contents of:
    • C:DocumentsGonamiefootball 2022 (By default),
    • Or inside C: Steam SteamApps Common efootball 2022 (To steam)

As a reminder, eFootball 2022 Releases September 30 for console and PC.