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Crytek has requested the removal of a modem for photo mode -

Crytek has requested the removal of a modem for photo mode –

Cridec Officially requested Removing a mod Created by Franz Boma, he introduced a new one Photo mode at Crysis Remastered, Which was apparently not well received by the management of the company.

The modder has received an official notification from the Crytek PR Manager, which states that the mod in question does not fall within the EULA’s rules regarding Crysis Remastered, so it is requested to remove it to avoid further legal action.

Mods’ scope is often viewed in gray in relation to software product terms and terms of use, but in this case, according to Crytek, the status of the module is further enhanced by the distribution of software processing. Profit, You have to pay a patron to download.

However, in a notification sent to Bouma Crytek revealed that the status quo generally refers to the creation of mods, which are not included by the standard EULA standard for users to use games. However, a second message from the software company said, “The main problem is that the software is monetized, for this reason we need Removal of charge wall“.

In this latest update of the issue, if the modder decides to remove the attached Patreon it seems to include the removal request, although it is not ready to do so, since it is a very complicated job to distribute for free. However, Bouma noted that this request took him by surprise: “I’ve created custom photo systems for many games,” he wrote, “and I always get enthusiastic responses from developers and publishers because they appreciate these systems as more advertising-driven.” Crytek Crytek And they wanted to damage themselves.