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Jeff Group - Nert 4. Life Announces Microsoft Conference Date on E3 2021

Crystal Dynamics, IO Interactive and Avalanche Candidate, a Jeff Krupp –

Toto restarts-Acquisition In connection with Microsoft, Considering how the question remains after the brutal maneuver that led to the purchase of Bethesda, Jeff Krupp spoke again about particularly potential candidates Crystal Dynamics, Io Interactive and Avalanche.

Now this seems to be a kind of conjecture by a famous journalist / insider Jeff GruppIt recently came to attention for a discussion about the size of the subscribers for the Xbox Game Pass. In this case it will return with a classic or new purchase from Microsoft.

Considering that we ‘ve seen many of Sony’s maneuvers over the months, it recently merged with several teams such as Fabric Games and the recently released BluePoint on PlayStation Studios, but before that he expects another counter move from Microsoft to Housemark, Firefight and other Xbox game studios.

Grupp’s idea starts with the latest Collaborations, We recently learned that all three groups mentioned are actually involved in Microsoft’s most important projects: Crystal Dynamics, The Initiative at Perfect Dark, and Io Interactive has long been committed to the exclusive Xbox code of “Project Dragon”. When creating Avalanche Contraband.

According to Krupp, all three of these events are considered “trials” for possible acquisitions by Microsoft, and the process reveals specific interactions with the Xbox game environment if the games are proven successful. Studios.

All of these should be taken with a salt grain because it is part of a good group: in particular, it can be very difficult to get crystal dynamics, which is within the Square Enix group. In contrast, rumors of Microsoft’s acquisition of IoT interactive and avalanche have long persisted, but so far they have been quietly independent.

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