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Overwatch: Legendary Edition

Crossover is now available on the overwatch – ntower

Your searches Overwatch Nintendo Switch always takes longer because you can’t find any other players? Blizzard Entertainment The solution is known, now available to you Cross-game-function This allows you to play with players from other sites. All you have to do is link to a account. There will be functionality Enabled by default for all players, But if this is your preference, you can disable it on consoles again. You will only be thrown together with other players who have disabled the cross game – it will only create a small part of the total player base.

To Ranking wars PC and console players are separated from each other for reasons of game balance and cannot play together. When on a team with PC gamers, target help is disabled for console gamers Equal opportunity Anxiety. With this update, though the cross play, But the cross is not progress Introduced. This means that the plugins, hits, stats, etc. that you collect are not shared on the sites, but are recorded separately for each site or game version.

Are you excited about the rapid arrival of the crossover drama at Overwatch after the announcement? Are you going to delete the Nintendo Switch version again for this?

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